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Jason North, Head of Sales | East Grinstead & Edenbridge

It’s been a little over a month since I joined the AB team and I’d like to say thank you to all the AB clients for their warm welcome.


Moving from the hustle and bustle of the Metropolis to the country has been a slow burning idea of mine for a few years. Since moving back to Kent 8 years ago I tried the London commute many ways – motorbike which is great when the sun shines, hair rising in downpours, and positively freezing in the winter. I’ve taken trains and automobiles but never a plane although some days I really did wish I owned a helicopter! I do not miss it. Many people I’ve met share that commuting life and whilst my move is an actuality I do think it’s very reflective of a change permeating the country. The Covid lockdown (and post lockdown) has made us all look at how we live,  where we live and where we want to be. The very real possibility of working from home permanently, semi-permanently, full time or part time is  encouraging people to look further afield. Our counties have always been popular for all the right reasons – easy commute, a glut of good schools, vibrant communities and lush green countryside but Kent  and East & West Sussex are enjoying an explosion of demand.


For me, its therefore incumbent on us agents to provide an efficient and helpful (and safe) service to meet this increased demand but also give an holistic approach to estate agency. Lockdown saw AB Virtual come into its own – virtual viewings, virtual valuations, zoom meetings, but it’s also changed what we consider essential info when marketing properties.  You’ll start to see info like internet accessibility and rental valuations  alongside the traditional local amenities, transport links, schools info. If we see the trend for info we’ll meet the demand. Our twitterinstagramwebsite blogs and area guides are all designed to inform you on industry news & developments, help you  get to know your local businesses, where to shop local and much more.  


One trend I’ve seen is the increased demand for a finding agent. AB now offer a bespoke buyers property finding service.  When you are making one of the most important decisions of your life, you need the best advisors on your side to help source the best properties on and off the market, negotiate the best price and take you all the way through to  completion. We take the hassle and frustration out of the whole process, we deal with the estate agents, the solicitors, the nuances of the process which can take the joy out of moving!  


I’ve also seen a rise in demand from sellers for  ‘agent experience’. These have been (and still are) unprecedented worrying times. Having an experienced agent that has been through market crashes, global crisis,  peaks and troughs is invaluable. Whilst it goes without saying that you’ll want to achieve as much as possible on your most valuable asset, your chosen estate agent’s role goes so much further than that. Experience is paramount in maximising your asset, qualifying the right buyer, ensuring that the sale proceeds to a successful completion.


Having worked as a professional estate agent for over thirty years, I have seen many trends and changes in the industry, weathered many storms and booms with thousands of sellers and buyers but the key elements never change – having an agent who communicates, anticipates and has the knowledge to overcome any issues which come up during the selling / buying process is paramount.  AB can and will deliver that. To discuss your next purchase, move, sale or property development contact me on  01342 321142 or email Thank you,  Jason North Head of Sales, East Grinstead, Edenbridge & surrounding areas.