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AB Block & Estate Management are excited to be appointed managing agents for the innovative and hands down cool The Garden Rooms  in The Pantiles. The Garden Rooms will feature Tunbridge Wells first living wall designed by Scotscape / SmartScape who are working with Rivers Architects to bring this project to life.

We touched on climate change and the property industry in our November 2019 blog,  the Government’s National Design Guide  calling for the construction of eco-friendly, sustainable and efficient homes. Living ‘green’ walls are vertical structures attached to the interior or exterior of a building which are not only aesthetically pleasing on the eye but more importantly come with a heap of ecologically benefits. They are emerging as a vital part of green infrastructure within developing urban environments.

SmartScape's interior living walls  “provide oxygen, environmental humidity and bio-filter volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) like benzene, CO² and formaldehydes; improving indoor air quality”. Their “exterior walls can improve the thermal and acoustic insulation of the building”.  Plants and nature undoubtedly  “enhance the health and well-being of people, increasing concentration and productivity in the work-place. They play an important role in biophilic design which is be­coming ever more important in our urbanised world. Biophilic design enables us to connect with nature within the built environment improving happiness and reducing stress.” You can read more about the SmartScope living walls here.  

Some prime UK examples of living walls can be seen at  Anthropologies’  Regent Street store,  London’s Athenaeum Hotel has one of the tallest green walls in Europe, LG Arena in Birmingham and the Westfield shopping centre in Shepherd’s Bush is home to one of the UK’s longest living walls.

AB will bring you more details on this exceptional development in the very near future (the photo used for this blog is not The Garden Rooms!)