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Climate Friendly Communication - Leaseholder Call to Action


AB do like a little bit of social media. And like 5.59m (and counting) other followers, we are now following David Attenborough’s new ‘A Life On Our Planet’ Instagram account. In one upload David talks about  putting nature at the heart of decision making, this can be small or big decisions from the things we eat, buy, waste, do. For years AB has looked at ways of more climate friendly ways of communicating. Encouraging email communicating, not producing glossy property brochures, electronic signatures (where legally possible), electronically received documents, statements, service charge demands & invoices. Going paperless is nothing new. We have all seen the stop printing, save trees slogans on the bottom of emails. Many of us have made the switch gradually over the years, consciously and perhaps without even realising it. Remember the cheque book, almost extinct and replaced with electronic banking and contactless payments.


In the day to day business of block management there are certain things that AB need to consider. Our Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) membership requires that we provide certain correspondence in a durable medium form enabling the recipient to store information addressed personally to them in a way accessible for future reference, for a period of time adequate for the purposes of the information, and that allows the unchanged reproduction of the information stored. This includes email and PDF form. However, to comply with GDPR regulations we need consent via individual opt In.


So this is our Climate Friendly Communication Leaseholder Call to Action request. We are asking all our Leasehold residents to please complete our opt in form being emailed out soon, or to request a form now email Head of Block & Estate Management  It’s a small difference, but small steps, in all our lives can make a difference.


For those who missed David’s clip you can watch it via his Instagram account True, timeless inspiration.